North Knoxville Business and Professional Association Original Six (6) Founders

The NKBPA history begins with the first meeting  —  June  2003

Larry Cox, City Councilman Jerry Askew, St. Mary’s Hospital Mike Reynolds, FHS Principal Kitty Hatcher, FHS Vice Principal, Bill Warwick, FHS Alumni and President, Eddie Willis, Dande Printing Service

Fast forward to now…

Eddie Willis, Larry Cox and Bill Warwick

We are proud of our North Knoxville heritage and very proud to say that three of the original six founders are still active and on the Board of Directors. These three are Eddie Willis, owner of Dande Printing Service and our first president; Larry Cox, owner of Homestead, Inc. and Chicken City and ex-City of Knoxville Councilman; and Bill Warwick, retired City of Knoxville Fire Fighter.

All three men are also members of the Fulton High School Alumni Association Wall of Fame.