Join us at Richard Yoakley School in April

Richard Yoakley School

Richard Yoakley School hosts us this month. Our speaker will be Detective  Tom Walker, who has 24 yrs in law enforcement, 17 with the FBI Gang and Drug Task Force.

Det. Walker is presently the gang investigation and identification instructor for the KCSheriff’s Dept,  Homeland Security,  UT Law Center and various colleges across Tenn and beyond as well as a certified court expert whose expertise on gang identification,  investigation, and court testifying is sought throughout the US as far away as California.

Det. Walker is also the developer of classes for the State of Tenn and the Tenn Correction Institute concerning gang identification and court testifying.

April 13th, Friday, Breakfast will start at 7:45am and the meeting will adjourn at 9am. Breakfast will be provided by the NKBPA.  

The Business Spotlight will be Mary Beth Ramey from Volunteer Ministry Center. Learn about VMC at

Rather than take up valuable time verbally making announcements we ask that announcements be placed on the table in flyer or brochure format. That way interested parties can take your reminder with them. It also helps us to have the information to post on our social media.

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