Keep Knoxville Beautiful Speaks at Emerald Ave UMC on February 8th

Emerald Ave
Emerald Avenue United Methodist Church.

We hope to see you on February 8th at 7:45 am to hear Keep Knoxville Beautiful’s Aleta Daniels speak.

Keep Knoxville Beautiful is focusing a large majority of their efforts in the North Knox area as “Community of the Year” and Aleta will tell us about that work at this meeting.

Lauren Rider will also speak briefly on ReCode Knoxville.

Pastor Tom Seay is our host and our breakfast sponsors will be Homestead and First Tennessee Bank. Be sure to thank them.

Please remember it is time to renew your membership. Dues are $50 annually. People, that’s a deal. Where else can you get great networking, community involvement, and breakfast EVERY month for only $50 a year? Nowhere! Renew or join today, fill out your membership application here. Print it and mail it along with your check to NKBPA c/o MEMBERSHIP  P.O. Box 27479  Knoxville, TN 37927-7479. If you prefer to pay by credit card, we will be taking credit card payments at the meeting. 

CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDERS. Invoices for dues have arrived in your email inboxes. If there is more than one representative for your company’s location who attends the meeting, they will all receive an invoice. Payment for membership is per company, per location. So if you get two invoices from two attending representatives for one business location, you need pay only once. If you have questions, please contact

Note: If your organization has an event coming up, please bring flyers or information to be placed on the tables. This way our members have a tangible reminder and we can use it to publicize your events on social media. Thank you, this helps us to wrap up the meeting on time.

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