Join us for breakfast at Elkmont Exchange on June 14

We hope to see you on June 14 at 7:45 am to hear from Dr. Todd White of Knoxville Brewing and Distilling Center. The meeting will be at Elkmont Exchange (745 N Broadway).

Dr. White, a University of Tennessee graduate, is the founder and CEO of the Brewing and Distilling Center in Knoxville. Dr. White is a former veterinarian, has a master’s degree in Architecture, and has been a post-secondary educator for over 25 years—one could say he has diverse interests and experience. Most recently, he has blended his experience as an educator with his passion for quality brewed beer with the creation of the Brewing and Distilling Center where they provide education for brewers and distillers to help them have success in the industry.

Dr. White believes that “a community is only as strong as it’s volunteer base.” He has demonstrated this through his service to the Blount County Sertoma Club, Maryville City School Foundation, Blount County Humane Society, and Blount County Health Department. Dr. White currently serves as president of the Tennessee Winter Beer Fest, a planning committee member for Hops for Hope and Maryville’s Hops in the Hills, and member of Knoxville Area Brewers Association.

Breakfast this month will be provided by Elkmont Exchange.

Note: If your organization has an event coming up, please bring flyers or information to be placed on the tables. This way our members have a tangible reminder and we can use it to publicize your events on social media. Thank you, this helps us to wrap up the meeting on time.