Be a Secret Santa at Fulton High School

One of the membership’s favorite gatherings happens this month and it is an opportunity to be Santa for a high school student. No, you don’t have to don the suit, high school kids wouldn’t be seen near Santa’s shack and that big red suit, that wouldn’t be cool. Everyone should feel the joy of the season and you can spread that cheer to a high school student who might not have gifts under their tree.

Don’t miss this meeting at 7:45am on November 9th at Fulton High. We will meet in the Library. This meeting will also have an auction to raise money for the Secret Santa program, word has it that Broadway Carpets will bring a special rug to auction for the holidays.


The business spotlight to be interviewed on Fulton Radio this month is Graphic Creations.

February’s meeting speaker Joe Petre, President of Conversion Properties, Inc.

The February 9th meeting will beat Helen Ross McNabb, 201 W. Springdale Avenue 37917. Our speaker will be Joe Petre, president of Conversion Properties, they are currently working on several projects, including Regas Square in the 37917 area.


Conversion Properties, Inc. was founded in 2006 to serve the real estate needs of the Southeast Region. Leveraging the founder’s vast experience in Downtown Knoxville, Conversion began with a concentration in brokerage and redevelopment and quickly expanded within the East Tennessee Region. The team today concentrates on four key areas of real estate: Brokerage, Development, Property Management, and Consulting predominantly in the commercial arena. Designed to be a true service company, the needs of the client come first. Joe Petre, states, “Our core value is creating value.” Whether it is within the realm of brokerage, development, management, or consulting our priority remains the same: to serve each client to ensure their investment works.

Breakfast is sponsored by Helen Ross McNabb and the meeting will begin at 7:45am. 

Our Business Spotlight will be Cap Stewart of Premier Solutions, you can contact him at, or learn more here.

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March 10 meeting kicks off at Sansom Sports Complex

Sansom Soccer Fields
Sansom Soccer Fields

The NKBPA March 10th meeting and breakfast will be hosted by Emerald Youth at the Sansom Sports Complex (located at 234 Dale Ave, on the corner of Dale Ave and Seventeenth St.)

The Sansom Sports Complex provides world-class playing fields and facilities for soccer, lacrosse, flag football and performance training. Primary users are the children and teens who attend Knoxville’s urban schools.

Breakfast will begin at 7:45am, the meeting will begin at 8am and let out promptly at 9am.

Note: If your organization has an event coming up, please bring flyers or information to be placed on the tables. This way our members have a tangible reminder, it will help us to publicize your events on social media and help us to wrap up the meeting on time.

February Meeting highlights the search for the next Knox County School Superintendent

This year is off to a great start. We had 73 people at our last meeting.

NKBPA will meet on February 10 at Helen Ross McNabb Knox County Children and Youth Center, 600 Arthur St, Knoxville, TN 37921.


The program for February will feature Buzz Thomas, Interim Superintendent – Buzz is also the President of Great Schools Partnership (GSP), and was selected to fill the seat as Interim Superintendent of the Knox County Schools starting June 15, 2016. Thomas’ mission is to help make the Knox County Schools globally competitive.

Breakfast is sponsored by Helen Ross McNabb and the meeting will begin at 7:45am. 

Business Spotlight this month:
Commercial Bank – Eric Wolburg
5320 North Broadway
Knoxville 37918

SNOW POLICY: Meetings are canceled if Knox County schools are closed. The meeting will be re-scheduled for the following Friday unless otherwise notified. 

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